"Sometimes I can't explain my thoughts or way-of-thinking and I wish I could let people into my mind for a moment so they can get a glimpse of what I see."

Everyone is bitching about dashcon and yet there’s this dude who has received over $47,000 in donations to make a fucking potato salad.

Meanwhile, I need money for college and student loans..

Wifi is amazing.  Why doesn’t the entire work just have it?

Posted 25 Jun

Attention idiots, a flying saucer and U.F.O. are not the same thing

Posted 25 Jun
Psychology extra credit.
Me during finals..

Count away the days, just to wish them back again.

Posted 10 Apr

I don’t care if you’re an athlete, a nerd, gay, in a wheelchair, or anything else.  If you’re a bad person you will be treated as such.  People demand equality, well that’s what you’re going to get.


Posted 30 Mar
  • Aim high.  Am so high people think you’re on meth.
Posted 25 Mar

The odds of you existing are the same as 2 million people rolling trillion-sided dice and all landing on the same number.

You were meant to be here.

Posted 22 Mar